Post Office Travel Insurance: Best Travel Insurance In 2022 

Whenever you purchase Post Office travel insurance, you should understand what the policy covers and how much it costs. There are three main types of insurance plans for you. First is Standard, second is Economy, and third is Premier. Each insurance plan has a different excess amount. Additionally, it offers a variety of cover options. These Policies range from essential to comprehensive cover, and some offer an extra waiver option for each customer.

This allows the policyholder to reduce the amount of money that they have to pay in the event of an accident or claim. Regardless of whether you are on holiday for business or pleasure, you should choose the right policy that will suit your needs.

Post Office Travel Insurance is a very popular policy amongst UK residents traveling abroad. However, there are low-cost alternatives such as Globelink Travel Insurance that offer a number of different coverage options. 

It is imperative to select a policy that is right for you, but the Post Office policy offers some notable advantages. One of the most attractive features of the Post Office travel insurance policy is that there is no upper age limit for policyholders.

Here we are going to discuss about Post Office Travel Insurance, what it is?, and its policy. As well as we will also discuss about all benefits of Post office travel insurance. 

What is Post Office travel insurance?

It is a leading provider of travel insurance that offers different types of policies and protection for trips within the UK or abroad. Behind the scenes of this, its policies include up to PS1,000 of cancellation and baggage claim cover. However, it also covers medical expenses up to PS2 million. These policies also cover the option to return home up to three times. 

Hence, you can choose the type of Post Office travel insurance you need. So you should look at the excesses on each policy. 

If you have Travel Insurance such as Post Office, and you are a student, you will be able to get a reduction in discount. Let’s think about economic policy for a moment. You will notice that some policies offer optional add-ons, such as winter sports cover. Thus, this policy will protect you against the costs of skiing and snowboarding, even if the piste is closed due to inclement weather. 

In addition to this, Post Office travel insurance covers cancellation and curtailment costs. In addition, this policy provides travel insurance for travelers with pre-existing conditions.

  • Key features: 

Travel insurance from the Post Office has a number of benefits for holidaymakers. Among its offerings is an Excess Waiver, which reduces the amount of excess payable upon the claim to zero. The company’s policy also covers a broad range of holiday sports and activities. 

Post office Travel insurance does not cover certain high-risk activities. Therefore, you must be clear about the terms and conditions regarding a travel insurance policy.

Policies: Post Office Travel Insurance – 

Post Office travel insurance policies cover a number of different travel coverage needs. That’s why it ranges from low-cost Super Economy policies to comprehensive Premier Plus policies. Medical expenses and legal fees abroad can be covered under these policies if something unexpected occurs. 

If you have questions about its policies, you can get help and guidance via telephone. Many also cover activities such as golf, cruises, and business trips. 

In the past, different types of features were only available on the company’s online and call center websites. Also, customers can now purchase Post Office travel insurance policies in branches. 

The awesome part about it is that you can check the details of the policies before booking. It also offers single-trip travel insurance, annual multi-trip travel insurance, and backpacker insurance. On the other hand, optional extras are also available.

✪ Single Trip Travel Insurance: 

❏ Theft Coverage – Single-trip Post Office travel insurance is available for you to protect you from different types of travel risks. This insurance can cover you for a one-time trip, from 30 to 60 days, in any country. Single-trip travel insurance can provide valuable coverage for your belongings. But it will be applicable if they are stolen, damaged, or lost. 

❏ Cancellation –It can also cover you against cancellation or curtailment of your trip. To get the most cost-effective single trip Post Office travel insurance. Before purchasing, you should compare it against other travel insurance providers, such as Holiday Extras and Staysure. “ Getting a quote within minutes allows you to compare prices between different policies. It is worthwhile to note, however, that you may not be able to get a complete picture of the travel insurance market by using comparison sites. Pre-existing medical conditions might not be covered by some Post Office travel insurance policies.”To avoid paying more than you need to, you should compare several quotes and choose the most reasonable one. Travel insurance is mandatory no matter where you are visiting, and you should be prepared for the unexpected. Cost Comparison: There are various policies offered by The Post Office Single Trip Travel Insurance, each with different features. It’s helpful to know which ones are worth the money.

 ✪ Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance: Annual multi-trip Post Office travel insurance offers a wide range of benefits for travellers. It also includes medical expenses, evacuation costs, and personal liability. On the other hand, it also covers expenses related to lost or stolen luggage. Furthermore, you can also choose to include your family members without additional cost. This Post office policy also offers a grace period of 30 days, in case you are late in paying your due amount. 

✪ Backpacker Travel Insurance: It will be worthwhile for you if you take out backpacker travel insurance,in case you plan on backpacking for a world tour. These policies can be expensive, but they will help you cover medical expenses when you are abroad. 

❏ Medical Support-Some policies can be arranged for emergency flights home if you get sick. Therefore, you can be sure of the complete details of those policies. Backpacker travel insurance from the Post Office will protect you against unexpected medical bills while you are abroad.

❏ Damage Protection- It also covers you in case of damage to your belongings. The Post Office policy also covers you if your flight is delayed or canceled. In such a case of a delayed or missed flight, you can receive up to PS50 in compensation and receive a free lounge voucher. 

❏ No Upper Age Limit –Another benefit of the policy is that there is no upper age limit. For example, there are many other travel insurance policies but the Post Office policy is suitable for anyone from 18 to 60. 

❏ Trip Coverage- Most backpacker travel insurance policies have been designed to cover a number of different activities. It is critical to remember that your policy limits will apply if you take part in some risky activities. You will also need to take into account the duration of your trip, as the standard policy will provide coverage for up to 30 days.Cost Comparison: There are many benefits to getting a Post Office backpacker travel insurance policy. Students often receive discounts of up to 10% on the policies offered by the company. These policies also cover backpacking accidents and illnesses and are open to people with pre-existing conditions. If you are planning a backpacking trip soon, the Post Office’s low-cost backpacker insurance may be ideal for you.

✪ Optional Extras: 

❏ Different Policies – Post Office travel insurance policies offer a wide variety of levels of coverage, for different types of budgets. Super Economy policies are more expensive than comprehensive Premier Plus policies. Thus, these policies are available to cover the costs of an emergency medical situation. As well as covering legal expenses, and in case you become ill or injured while on holiday.

❏ Customer Support- This policy provides you with customer support so you can contact them for any issues you may encounter. Among all these situations, some policies include optional extras like cruise cover, golf cover, and business cover. In addition to medical cover, Post Office travel insurance policies also offer additional cover for delayed and missed departures. 

❏ Cancellation Cover- if you are covered with this insurance then you will be able to enjoy holiday cancellation cover and personal accident cover. Other options in this case include coverage for your gadgets, such as cameras and mobile phones. Additionally, Post Office travel insurance policies will provide financial compensation for missed flights or trips caused by natural calamities. 

❏ Medical Support – The insurer will also consider any medical conditions you may have, including pre-existing conditions. For additional coverage, Post Office travel insurance offers a lounge access benefit. This allows you to use an airport lounge if you are already spotted at the airport.

❏ Age Of Traveler – When you receive a delay announcement and use a terminal in the LoungeKey network, you will have free access to the lounge. That means, the cost of Post Office travel insurance varies, depending on the age of the traveler.

What does Post Office travel insurance cover: Types Of Coverage 

Post Office travel insurance provides you with cover when you are abroad, whether you are going on a one-off trip or a multi-trip holiday. It also offers additional benefits, such as emergency courier services and compensation for lost or stolen computers. 

If you are a student, you might appreciate the 10% student discount on annual policies. You will also have a choice of policies that don’t have an age limit. These policies will also cover many pre-existing conditions. 

Post Office travel insurance offers a range of different plans. For example, it offers COVID-19 coverage, which pays out in the event of cancellation or curtailment. It also includes medical expenses, including emergency medical bills, and will cover travel delays or missed flights. The company offers three levels of cover: Lite, Prime, and Elite.

Post Office travel insurance has different policies for different budgets. The Economy policy has a PS125 excess, while the Standard policy has a PS100 excess. It also offers Excess Waiver add-ons to waive excesses. This way, you will never have to worry about having to pay the excess yourself. 

In addition to comprehensive cover, Post Office travel insurance offers optional add-ons, including winter sports cover. This covers activities such as snowboarding, ice skating, and husky-dog sledding, as well as piste closures.

✪ Cruise Cover: Taking out a travel insurance policy is an essential step while traveling in other countries. With such policies, you will not only be covered for the cost of the trip. You will also be helped to offset any extra costs such as luggage delays or missed flights.

❏Medical Bills Coverage- On the other hand, it will also cover the cost of expensive medical bills while you are abroad. However, the price of travel insurance policies varies greatly. So A typical plan will cost you between four and ten percent of the cost of the trip.

❏ Appropriate Youngers – Additionally, each plan has certain limitations and eligibility requirements. Post office travel insurance offers a range of policies to suit different budgets. 

❏ Economy Policy –As a general rule, the Economy policy is appropriate for younger travelers, while the Standard and Premier policies are designed for older travelers. Both policies have different excesses and will cover medical expenses up to a certain amount. 

❏ Rescues – Some policies will also cover emergency medical evacuations. This can include air rescue from the ship or emergency transport from the port to a nearby hospital.All in all, these policies can be expensive and it is wise to take out a cruise cover that covers these costs as well.

✪ Gadget Cover: Gadgets are a staple in many travellers’ packs, and a Post office gadget cover policy will protect your expensive tech. 

❏ Gadget Cover- The gadget cover policy will cover the cost of replacement, repair, or a new device if it is stolen or damaged. 

❏ Loss & Damage Cover-Post office gadget insurance comes with a comprehensive range of features, including cover against loss and damage, and low excesses. 
You can choose from an annual or monthly policy. Also,  you will enjoy flexible claims options, 24-hour replacement handset services, and more. 
With the post office gadget cover policy, you can enjoy 12 months for the price of 10 when you choose to pay in advance. You can choose gadget cover from a range of well-known insurers.
You can also choose from a range of niche insurers, which specialise in gadget insurance.

✪ Enhanced Trip Disruption Cover: Enhanced Trip Disruption cover on your travel insurance policy will pay out for any expenses associated with a flight or accommodation delay that is due to circumstances beyond your control. 
Generally, this covers natural disasters and terrorist-related events. It can also cover the cost of abandoning a trip after a 24-hour delay. However, this is not a guarantee of compensation.
It is important to check the terms and conditions of your policy. Some travel insurance companies are discontinuing certain travel disruption add-ons as a result of the recent outbreak of the coronavirus. 
These insurance companies have issued an advisory explaining their policy exclusions, and have launched a dedicated FAQ page for affected customers. 
✪ Terrorism Cover : Travel insurance coverage for natural disaster and terrorism can be beneficial for those who are planning to visit a particular country. 
These two types of events can be devastating to a destination and cause significant damage to the property.
Terrorist attacks using chemical, biological, or cyber weapons can cause great loss of life and property. While there is no single definition of terrorism, it is important to have adequate coverage in case of a major disaster. 
Terrorism can seriously disrupt travel plans, especially for people traveling to popular tourist destinations. 
Standard travel insurance policies generally do not cover this type of event. However, if you are traveling to a place where terrorism has been on the rise. It is important to check your policy to make sure it covers terrorism.

✪ Golf Cover: Post Office travel insurance policies cover medical expenses in the event of an accident involving golf. It also cover equipment loss and theft, and other golf-related expenses. 
These policies are designed for UK residents who travel overseas. In addition to medical expenses, Post Office travel insurance policies also provide coverage for canceled flights and lost or stolen belongings.
However, some exclusions apply. Exclusions can apply if you have pre-existing medical conditions or are involved in dangerous activities

Post Office Travel Insurance – Policy exclusions: 

When looking for a travel insurance policy, it’s important to check the policy’s exclusions to make sure it doesn’t leave you out of pocket. For example, if you have a pre-existing medical condition, your policy may not cover the cost of treatment. In case of not getting to be deemed and to be covered., this action  can be seen. 

As well as the policy’s price, you must determine if it fits in your budget. Various travel insurance policies are available from the Post Office, each offering a different level of coverage. The Premier Plus policy offers comprehensive coverage at a budget price. 

Most Post Office policies include legal costs cover in the event of illness or injury abroad. You can also receive telephone advice, guidance, and help with legal proceedings from the company in case you need to make a claim. Post Office travel insurance policies also offer special cover for certain types of activities, such as golf and business trips.

 In addition to travel insurance, Post Office offers a variety of customer service regarding credit cards and mortgages. Its travel insurance policies and customer care executive may make it a good option for backpackers and gap year travelers. The policies at the Post Office also have no age limit and aim to cover most of insurances. 

Frequently Asked Questions – 

1. Does Post Office travel insurance cover Covid-19?

After a suspension in mid-March, the Post Office has re-opened its travel insurance branches and is offering travel insurance policies again. 

The new policies offer cover against medical expenses incurred by people travelling to affected areas. Emergency repatriation if a passenger cannot return home due to the coronavirus.

2. Does Post Office travel insurance cover pre-existing medical conditions? 

The Post Office provides travel insurance for single trips and annual policies. They also offer protection for cruises and winter sports holidays. And, for those with pre-existing medical conditions, they offer medical and cancellation cover. 

There is no maximum age limit, and you can also opt for cancellation cover if your health condition worsens during your trip.

3. How much does Post Office travel insurance cost?

Post Office travel insurance is relatively cheap, but the cost can vary depending on the level of cover you would like. They offer various levels of cover, including economy, standard, and premier. 

You can also opt for optional add-ons, such as winter sports cover. Some policies even offer special discounts for students or backpackers.

Post Office travel insurance: Final Words 

If you are looking for travel insurance, consider Post Office travel insurance. The company offers several different types of policies that are ideal for a wide variety of situations.  Post Office travel insurance offers additional features that make it more flexible.

 For example, their Business policy offers valuable protection to professionals who need to travel for business purposes. The policy also covers compensation for lost or stolen computers, emergency couriers, and equipment hire. Excess waivers are also available, allowing travelers to waive their excess for a fee.